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Carpet Maintenance:

Carpets can hide lots of allergens, pet dander and dirt. By the time the surface begins to look dirty, you know that you have to deal with a lot of deep soil buildup. Deep soil buildup will shorten the life time of your carpets. Frequently vacuuming all high traffic areas and overall vacuuming at least once a week will reduce soil buildup but may not remove deep embedded soil and debris. We recommend professional cleaning of your carpets approximately once a year.

Cleaning Method:

  • A pre-inspection by an experienced technician is done to identify problem areas.
  • A special heated pre-treat solution is applied to the cleaning areas to loose deep soil.
  • We then use truck mounted equipment using a PH-balancing solution and high temperature water, high water pressure and high vacuum extraction.

This method cleans deeply and promotes quicker drying times helping to prevent re-soiling.